It’s official: I have a cold. I ended up puttering around the house this morning feeling sorry for myself because even though I’m sick, I still need to get stuff done, like prepare the boy’s lunchbox. I wasn’t feeling especially inspired, so I made macaroni and cheese (the organic stuff that has a bunny on the box because I didn’t feel like making bechamel sauce this morning, but whatevs). I also included some leftover roasted cauliflower, which busy daddy made last night for dinner and the boy loves.

I’m at an especially tricky and frustrating point of making the boy’ Ninja costume for Halloween, but strangely I had a dream last night about how to solve the problem, so hopefully it will work. I’m committed to taking an hour for lunch today so that I can eat like a normal person and maybe catch up on a few non-work-related things.

Did I mention that I feel like craptastic today?

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