The funny thing about friendship is that more often than not, it’s a result of proximity rather than actually affinity. Most kids become friends with the kid who’s sitting closest to them in class, and most adults become friends with the co-worker sitting closest to them in the office. I think this phenomenon occurs throughout most of our lives. Beyond proximity, we’re lucky if there are real, lasting sparks.

The boy has known his best pal Eddie K effectively since they were born, and by association, busy daddy and I have known Eddie K’s parents, designing daddy and business papa, and big sis, Miss Lily, since then as well.

Busy daddy and I first met designing daddy and business papa at JFK Airport nearly five years ago on our way to pick up our boys. Among the other families that were part of our adoption group, busy daddy and I instantly knew that we would become lifelong friends with the Designing-Business family. As a happy coincidence, it turned out that we live in the same town (they live on the fancy, million-dollar homes side, while we live on the Ho-Town side, near the Ho-Town Shop Rite, as a matter of fact).

Even though it was proximity (and chance) that brought our families together, our friendship has been sustained by true affinity, humor, and love. If you haven’t been following the fabulous adventures of designing daddy and his family on his Tumblr, you should. I’ve met few people in my life who have the same flawless and effortless sense of style, smarts, and humor as designing daddy.

This week, designing daddy has been brilliantly and hilariously “copying” my ridiculous rantings and ravings. But I’ll let you in on a secret: designing daddy hasn’t been copying anything at all. His authentic and delightful voice is entirely his own, and it’s me who has copied a page from his playbook on how to be a better dad, to live with more grace, and let the foolish things slide.

Busy daddy, the boy, and I are genuinely blessed to have such dear friends. Thanks to the entire Designing-Business family, especially designing daddy! I had great fun shadow blogging with you this week!

For flashback Friday, pictured above, the boys when they were wee babies with Miss Lily and the daddies after a delicious meal at a great Vietnamese restaurant that has since closed. It’s amazing how quickly time flies.

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