Let me preface by saying this: I don’t like Halloween. I’ve never liked Halloween. The boy has never gone trick or treating before in his life. I don’t like people coming to my house asking for candy. If my son wants to dress up, he can do it any day of the year. If he wants candy, he doesn’t need to get it from strangers. I have a ton of candy in my pockets.

That said, I’m making a Halloween costume for the boy this year. He asked to be Kai, the red ninja from Ninjago. Before the boy was born, I used to make costumes from my niece and nephews. I like the costume-making part of Halloween, but that’s about it. 

After the gym, busy daddy and I went to the fabric store to get supplies for the costumes. I spent more than $100 on fabric and notions for a costume that the boy is going to wear for two hours at the school Halloween parade. Did I mention that I’m making the costume with silk taffeta and gold lame? It’s going to be amazing! Did I also mention that I’m kind of gay?

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