Forgot to mention that busy daddy told me when he got home from work yesterday, he was greeted by a mysterious bag placed between our storm door and front door. Busy daddy’s first thought was, “Who’s the weirdo leaving gay porn at our doorstep?” When busy daddy looked in the bag, it turned out to be some (non-porn) DVDs that we lent to designing daddy, who was nice enough to return them. I, on the other hand, have yet to return the (non-porn) DVDs that the Designing-Business family has loaned us. Sorry!

I don’t understand the marketing for those fratty clothing brands that use near-naked images of hot college dudes to sell, ironically, clothes. Are the ads aimed at girls? Or boys? Gay boys? Or adult men? Gay adult men? I just don’t get it.

Speaking of porn, the Tumblr-spam pornbots that have been following and reblogging Lazy Dad’s Guide are so totally barking up the wrong tree. Is there a Tumblr setting that allows you to opt-out of all porn? I mean, besides blocking and reporting as spam? If not, is there a function that at least lets you select the orientation of the pornbots that are following you? Because while (good lord, I hope this is a fake account) doesn’t hold much appeal for me, is delicious on a variety of levels.

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