Our late-ish dinner last night led to a late-ish bedtime, basically throwing off our entire nighttime schedule, which is pretty fragile and chaotic to begin with. Right before falling asleep, the boy asked if he could start buying his lunch at the cafeteria. I asked why he wanted to buy his lunch instead of having something that I made for him. He said, “I don’t know.” I said he could buy his lunch one day, if he wants, but it’s probably better to have something cooked at home.

Even though it’s pasta week at the Busy-Lazy household, the boy insisted that if he had to bring his lunch to school today, he wanted to have glass noodles. Since there weren’t any leftovers from last night’s shabu shabu dinner, I got up early to make another round of shabu shabu for the boy’s lunch.

Remember when we were kids and school lunch cost like a buck and a quarter? And it was usually stuff like filet-o-fish sandwiches or sloppy joes? How much does school lunch cost these days? And what are they serving?

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