Even though I had sort of late a night at work, I still managed to get home in time to make dinner at a (somewhat) reasonable hour. I made shabu shabu with fish cakes, glass noodles, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, sliced rib eye steak, and zucchini. Busy daddy said it was delicious and the boy said it was really good, although to be fair, he just ate the noodles and the mushrooms. The great thing about this recipe is that it’s really easy to make, perfect for a quik-e weeknight dinner.

Lazy Dad Quik-E Shabu Shabu:

  1. Bring approximately six cups of beef or chicken stock to a boil on high heat. I’ve also added about three tablespoons of Japanese soup base (which is made from dried bonito flakes), but you can use a bit of light soy sauce instead. Use an electric hot pot if you have one. Since I don’t have an electric hot pot, I use a Le Creuset dutch oven on the stove.
  2. Once the stock comes to a rolling boil, add the veggie ingredients (which you’ve prepped and sliced in advanced) in the following order: shiitake mushrooms, tofu, Chinese cabbage, glass noodles, zucchini. Let the veggies cook in the stock, approximately 10 minutes. Turn the heat down to a simmer.
  3. Add the fish cakes and simmer for another five minutes.
  4. Add the sliced rib eye steak when you’re almost ready to serve. It only takes a minute or two to cook.
  5. Voila! Dinner in less than 20 minutes.

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