Because I’ve been getting a ton of requests asking to see the contents of my murse, I thought I’d share. And by tons of requests, I mean my work colleague who asked me this morning, “What’s with the stupid bag?”

A Look Inside Lazy Dad’s Murse (clockwise from top left):

  • LEGO-themed thank you cards for the boy’s birthday party that I haven’t put in the mail yet
  • Save the Date card for some industry event I’m supposed to go to next April
  • The new TUMI catalog, which is kind of a snore
  • My trusty Lumix GF1
  • 16 gig thumb drive
  • iPhone
  • Eye drops
  • $3.68
  • Car key
  • The boy’s Nintendo DS stylus
  • Two packages of mayo (because you never know when a sandwich incident might occur)
  • Rescue inhaler
  • X-acto knife in case I need to cut a bitch
  • Kleenex

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