The boy wanted to open his birthday presents in the car, but I told him that he had to wait until the end of the day. After everyone went home, the boy opened his presents. He got LEGO sets from his best friends Dash (Ninjago) and Eddie K (Star Wars), four books from his friend Brady S, art supplies from Oliver S, a Transformers car and walkie-talkie from Quinn D., cute clothes from Liam and Mason, and three Star Wars comic books from Jayden.

The boy’s West coast auntie, uncle and cousins got him a Boba Fett lamp-slash-alarm clock (which I might have to co-opt for my office), my brother got the boy a Jenga set, my sister and brother-in-law had a star named after the boy (with a certificate and star map to find where the star is), busy daddy got the boy a remote control car and a Ninja castle, my parents got the boy a Ninjago LEGO set (which I haven’t put together yet), and I got the boy some other crap, which I’m actually hiding since I think he has information overload.

The boy said, “Everyone got me exactly what I wanted! Awesome!”

I basically spent the entire day either eating or drinking, and being a baby. I need a nap. Or at least a good night’s sleep.

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