I did a lousy job photographing the boy’s birthday party this afternoon. I think it’s because I was half-awake, plus it was weird to have a kiddie party at the club where busy daddy and I are usually working out, not being suburban dads. Still, the party was great and the staff was exceptionally accommodating and helpful. Here’s the run-down:

  • The party was a sausage fest. There were 10 kids at the party, all boys save for one lovely, extremely patient girl.
  • Boys like to scream, run, and shoot fake guns. It was exhausting just watching them run around.
  • Two hours is plenty of time for a kiddie party. In and out, easy peasy.

The boy wanted a Ninja birthday cake, but since we got cupcakes this year, we were in a bind on how to incorporate a Ninja theme. Last night, my brother and I printed out LEGO Ninjago banners and stuck them on the cupcakes. I think it worked out fine.

We didn’t really have a theme for the party, save for a moderately Ninja-ish one, so the goodie bags I put together were kind of a hot mess of random things: LEGO minifigures series 5, some other LEGO minifigure thing, Star Wars stickers, some Chinkie candies and treats, some Play-doh, and some Super Mario Bros gum.

In the car, busy daddy asked the boy if he liked his birthday party. The boy said, “I loved it! Thanks daddy!”

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