Bento box lunch week continues at the Lazy-Busy household. For today’s lunch, I made for the boy sushi rice with swirly fishcakes, Japanese crab-and-fish sticks, and buckwheat soba noodles. I forgot to mention that the boy’s teacher told us last night that the boy sometimes eats his lunch during snack time. The teacher said, “I was surprised when I saw the boy eating chicken nuggets during snack time. I thought, that’s a fancy snack!”

So that explains why the boy hasn’t really been eating his snack because he’s been eating lunch during snack time. The thought of my son plowing through his lunch, particularly his lychee pudding, during snack time instead of eating his snack, made me both happy and sad. I’m happy that he’s so matter of fact about what he’s eating because I would have been horrified if my mom gave me some weird panko-crusted chicken nuggets for lunch instead of the dreck from McDonald’s like everyone else was eating. And sad because I have this image of my son eating this weird food by himself, while his peers are eating raisins and granola bars during snack time.

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