Not sure where the day went, but even though it seems like we just ate brunch, it was time for dinner. Going to the Japanese market inspired me to try cooking more for my family and I had ambitious plans to make shabu shabu with rib eye steak for dinner tonight. Then I remembered that I’m lazy son of a gun, so I just threw together a chicken and broccoli stir fry.

Have I mentioned that I hate chopping? I think I would cook more if I had a sous chef who would actually cut and chop ingredients for me. I don’t mind putting everything together, but I have a mental block about chopping things. I don’t know how most people make shabu shabu, but what sucks about it for me is the chopping. Seriously, you spend hours chopping stuff, just to throw it all into a hot pot (artfully arranged in the pot, natch).

The only reason I made something with broccoli was because I used pre-cut florets. I just had to cut the chicken, onions, and mushrooms (forgot to mention there were mushrooms in the dish). For our first course, we had this crazy crab-on-crab bento box that I bought from Mitzuwa yesterday. The boy and busy daddy liked the crab, but they were squeamish about the roe. I know it sounds kind of gross, but the fish roe and the crab roe was freakin’ delicious. I also made beef short ribs, but no one ate any of it because by the time we were done with the crab bento and the chicken stir fry, we were done. I guess we’re having beef short ribs for dinner tomorrow.

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