You know how when most kids went to camp and their parents would send them care packages that included things like jars of peanut butter and packages of ramen? When we were growing up, we’d get care packages from my dad that included things like pharmaceutical branded pens, bandages, and magnets, basically stuff he collected at medical trade shows.

The last time we saw my dad, he gave me a bag of 50(!) pens that had Zoloft printed on them, he gave the boy a wall clock that had Singulair written on the face, and he gave busy daddy a tote bag that featured the logo of some kind of diabetes drug.

My dad must have recently attended a conference because he sent the boy a surprise package of medical trade show schwag, including pens, lip balm, and potato chip bag clips, some of the loot pictured above. For good measure, my dad also included six pop-up books and a handy canvas tote bag that folds up and closes into the size of a wallet.

I used to wonder (and worry) if I was ever going to grow up to become like my dad. And then I woke up this morning and realized: It. Already. Happened.

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