I think the boy has a little bit of a cold. At first I thought maybe it was allergies because we suffer from the same horrible, chronic allergies. Last night, the boy told me that I gave him a cold. But I said, I don’t have a cold. He asked, “Then why are you always coughing and sneezing?” I said, Because of my allergies. The boy said, “Well, I’m allergic too!” I said, I know. The boy asked, “What are you allergic to?” And I said, Just about everything. The boy said, “Me too!”

I know I should be a responsible parent and keep the boy at home tomorrow instead of exposing his classmates to his cold, but I figure that someone in his class gave the cold to the boy in the first place, so he should return the favor and spread the germs around. Plus, I never know when the point of being contagious stops. When he’s sniffling and coughing? For some reason I think it’s before the symptons appear. Who knows.

Oh, I made spicy chicken with mushrooms and carrots for dinner. Busy daddy bought me some gluten-free peanut butter cookies, which went great with dulce du leche ice cream!

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