For lunch, we went to the Vietnamese diner, which is unexpectedly attached to the Chinese market. We got there on the early side, so luckily there was an open table. It’s usually super-crowded.

The boy had plain pho (rice noodle soup, for the uninitiated), busy daddy at the bun (vermicelli noodles) with barbecue pork and spring rolls, and I had the pho with combination beef, which includes brisket, tripe and marrow. Don’t let the tripe and marrow scare you off. It’s actually really delicious. The tripe tastes like crunchy noodles and the marrow tastes like beefy jello.

I never liked eating this kind of stuff when I was kid, but I’ve since grown into really enjoying eating what would be considered by some people as pretty bizarre food. Busy daddy and I agree that we could eat Vietnamese food every single day and not get tired of it.

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