Busy daddy and I kind of spazzed out after lunch and went on a clothes shopping spree. I mentioned that we’re trying to start dressing like grownups, instead of like the slobs that we usually are dressed like. Apparently there’s a store called Marshalls that sells designer clothes and stuff, but for much less than regular retail. Call me a skeptic, but I never believe that places like Marshalls et al. sell stuff that’s any good. In fact, whenever I think about stores like Marshalls or Filene’s Basement, I think of the weird crap that no one wants to buy at regular stores, so they end up at the bargain places.

The nanny takes the boy to Marshalls sometimes, so he knew his way around. The boy made a beeline to the small toy section, and you know what? Even the toys are cheaper. I ended up buying the boy a remote control car for $8 (which didn’t work when we got it home, so I guess you sort of get what you pay for).

Busy daddy found a nice Vince sweater, a funky Marc Jacobs blazer and a very 80s-inspired Jack Spade overcoat, all at bargain prices. I bought four(!) suits—two Calvin Klein, one Michael Kors, and one I don’t remember who made it—all for a third of the price I usually pay for one suit. Crazy, right? I wasn’t able to find any nice shoes for work, though.

We were pooped out after our shopping spree, so we went home instead of running errands as usual.

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