mediocremommy was totally right. First they hit you with a shitload of forms to fill out for school, and then they hit you with deluge of fundraising crap. Came home from work today to find in the boy’s backpack a kit for the school’s Fall fundraiser. I basically went apeshit ballistic.* The Busy-Lazy family happens live in a town that is among the top five of highest real estate taxes in the entire country, triple what my parents pay (and they live in freakin’ Hawaii) and quadruple what my sister pays (and her family lives in Silicon Valley, for Christ’s sake).

Our governor ran (and won) on a platform that he would “fix” the real estate tax burden problem for hard-working families, and yet our taxes continue to go up each year. OK, I know that fundraising for the school is the right thing to do, and it’s important to support my son’s education, but come on! How much more money do we have to put into the system? We spent five years paying taxes into a school system that we didn’t get to use until this year, and yet I’m being asked to buy crap that I don’t need and sell crap to friends and family that they don’t need. Aren’t our lives already filled with enough crap?

It’s infuriating. I’m inclined to do what my parents did when I was kid and just write a check rather than go around my office and ask my colleagues to buy craptastic wrapping paper and third-rate candy. If my girlfriend Michele Bachmann wasn’t such a harridan, I’d be inclined to join the Tea Party.**

* I naively signed up to be a member of the PTA, something that I take seriously and respect. It is not my intention to demean the efforts of the PTA, and despite my vitriol against these types of things, I will (obviously) support whatever fundraising efforts the school and the PTA want me to support because that’s how I roll, yo.

** As a point of clarification, in case there’s any doubt: Michele Bachmann is not my girlfriend. She is happily married to her ex-gay husband Marcus. Furthermore, I do not endorse any of Mrs. Bachmann’s policies, nor do I believe she will be the next POTUS. I do, however, lurv that she’s running for the highest office in the country because her presence only validates the premise that you don’t need to be the brightest bulb in the room to get the respect and attention of the (easily suckered) masses, you only need to speak loudly enough and with enough conviction.

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