A few weeks ago, my awesome trainer Chris G. gave busy daddy and me a gift certificate to a Mexican restaurant that he liked and wanted us to try. Our weekends have been kind of hectic lately, so we didn’t get a chance to check it out until today.

After yoga (for busy daddy) and the gym (for me and the boy), we made our way up north to give the place a try. A lot of roads are still flooded, so we took a roundabout but leisurely drive. Despite the bad rap that New Jersey gets sometimes, I’ll tell you what, there are parts of the Garden State that are definitely worthy of the name. We went up to Wyckoff, which is a lovely town in Bergen Country that looks more like New England than Northern Jersey.

Even though the restaurant is in a (fancy) strip mall, it’s really nice, kid-friendly, and serves delicious, authentic Mexican food. On Sunday they have a brunch buffet, which busy daddy and the boy ordered, which came with huevos rancheros for busy daddy and an omelette for the boy. I had the steak, which was delicious. A nice Sunday treat, thanks to Chris G!

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