For the boy’s Friday lunch, he asked for mushroom and cheese quiche. The truth is, I don’t think I can continue to cook a fresh lunch every single morning before school. I can barely cook food for myself on any given day. I’d actually like to give the boy a lunchbox filled with fruit roll-ups and candy, but I think I would get into trouble with child protective services.

Designing daddy is totally right. If you checked-in to the 1,890th school lunch, it would probably be a Ziploc baggie filled with Cocoa Puffs and a can of Sprite. I naively thought that it would be nice for the boy to eat what he would be eating at home, but he doesn’t seem to care much what he’s eating at school.

I’m thinking about going the sandwich route, but I’d have to make some over the weekend and practice with the boy on how to eat a sandwich. Because at nearly age five, I’ve never seen the boy eat a sandwich like a normal person. He’ll deconstruct a sandwich, eat the interior items, and leave the bread untouched. Maybe I could make a meat and cheese salad? Is that considered a healthy meal?

BTW, after I carefully prepared and arranged the slice of quiche (pictured above), I realized that it wasn’t going to stay hot in the plastic container. So I ended up squishing the whole thing into a thermos. Now it just looks like a mushroom and cheese frittata. All of the kindergarten epicureans are going to scoff at the mess.

Who am I kidding? I’m just being a pretentious Yuppie jerk about this whole lunchbox thing. I’ll shut up now.

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