The drop-off this morning was kind of hectic because of the rain. Instead of the designated drop-off spot on the playground, parents and kids basically went straight into the classroom and tried to settle down, something we were explicitly told not to do. The boy was excited, but seemed somewhat perplexed about the whole thing. I don’t blame him. The class size is (happily) smaller than I expected, and there’s a good mix of boys and girls, as well as a healthy ethnic mix, which made me happy.

Although the boy was a bit nonplussed, he held it together and sat down at his desk and started to color. I can’t say as much for one kid, who was have a nervous breakdown. Rather than simply leaving, the kid’s mom made a big show about it all, causing some of the other kids to become increasingly alarmed.

I know I’m not supposed to pick fights with other parents so early in the school year, but I wanted to punch this woman in the face for being such a drama queen in front of all of the other kids. I wanted to say to her, Your kid is not going off to war. It’s just kindergarten. Sheesh.

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