Did I mention that tomorrow is the first day of school for the boy? But it’s not just his first day of kindergarten, it’s the first day of school for him ever, since he didn’t go to pre-school. I have a theory that pre-school is for squares, basically where kids learn how to eat glue and pick up bad habits from other kids. Plus, pre-school required the filling out of forms and living by a schedule, things that I am avidly adverse to doing. And as the only kid in my family who didn’t go to pre-school, I’ve always been kind of snobbish about skipping straight to elementary school from home.

The Busy-Lazy family spent the day getting ready for tomorrow. That meant cleaning the house, packing the boy’s backpack, and organizing the boy’s lunches for the week. I asked the boy what he wanted to eat for lunch at school, and he made his requests, which were all quite reasonable. How much food does a kindergartener actually eat? I think I’m going a little bit overboard with his snack and lunch tomorrow. We’ll see what comes back in his lunchbox tomorrow afternoon.

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