After bath time, the boy did a trial run with his backpack. He said, “Dad, this backpack is so heavy, how am I ‘posed to carry this all day!?! And I’m like, Yeah, it’s really heavy.

But as much as I’d be inclined to get the boy a backpack with wheels to save his back, I don’t want him to be that dorky kid who wheels into school with a roller bag. I mean, sheesh, I don’t want him to be branded as a geek before he’s had a chance to make any friends.

I’m convinced that the School Board is in cahoots with the Chiropractic Association of America. Why else would teachers load so much crap in our kids’ bags unless they are trying to raise yet another generation of scoliosis sufferers? Weren’t kids these days supposed to get all of their books and assignments on tablets? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? 

Ah, nevermind.

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