I like going to the Chinese market as much as the next Chinkie person, but it can be tiresome. First, it’s hard to figure out what’s what and when you find stuff, it’s hard to tell if it’s fresh. Second, the customer service can be generously described as “brisk.” Third, I don’t know how to prepare most of the foodstuff that I find there, so I end up meandering around asking old Chinese ladies what such-and-such is and how is it cooked.

Luckily, our local Chinese market is remarkably clean, well-organized, and caters to a fairly diverse customer base. Busy daddy, the boy, and lazy uncle got bubble teas while we shopped. I ended up buying some noodles for the boy as well as some other random things to cook for dinner tonight and for the rest of the week. I didn’t, however, buy any tripe, one of my favorite Chinese dishes, as long as it’s prepared properly, which it seldom is.

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