In preparation for kindergarten, which starts next Tuesday, busy daddy and I have spent most of the Summer talking to the boy about what to expect and how to behave when he’s at school. It will be the first time for him, since he skipped pre-school because I was too lazy to do the paperwork. While I’m not at all prepared to have a kid in school, I’m certain that the boy is ready.

For good or bad, the boy knows (or at least thinks he knows) what school is going to be like, exclusively from watching TV. Here’s the terrible thing: on most TV programs aimed at kids, when they show what it’s like at school, the teachers are almost always women, especially in elementary school. While it’s probably true that many (or most) elementary school teachers are, in fact, women, the net result of my son seeing only female teachers on TV means that he thinks “teaching is a job for girls,” as he puts it.

Even though we’ve repeatedly told the boy that jobs of all kinds are available to boys and girls, the media continues to perpetuate easy stereotypes and the boy is convinced that his kindergarten teacher is going to be a woman. Today we got the letter with the boy’s kindergarten teacher assignment, and sure enough, he’s been placed in the only kindergarten class in his school led by a male teacher. We’ve heard great things about him: he’s young, enthusiastic, and the kind of teacher that makes kids excited about learning. 

When we told the boy that he was matched with his kindergarten teacher today and his teacher is a man, the boy said, “That’s what I said. Teachers are girls and boys.” I think the boy is going to have fun at kindergarten.

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