I thought I was the last dad to buy supplies for school, which starts next Tuesday. But when we were at Staples buying stuff, the place was packed. It was like a rave party. The supplies list is really specific, i.e., 12-pack of crayons, five packages of four-pack glue sticks, etc. I found the four-pack glue sticks, but the smallest box of crayons I could find was a 24-pack.

Later, we went to the post office to mail my mom’s birthday present. My siblings had an e-mail thread going about what we should get our mom, and we landed on an amethyst pendant from Tiffany, which is lovely. I don’t think the photo does the necklace justice, but the saleslady was nice enough to let me snap a pic, even though it’s against policy to take photographs in the store. The boy wrote a birthday card for his grandmother. Shipping to Hawaii isn’t so bad, but insurance and delivery confirmation ended up tripling the cost of the mailing. 

I hope my mom likes the present.

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