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The boys were pretty psyched about their LEGO hauls.

A big part of my manic morning was due to the fact that the heating guys were at my house trying to fix the pipes. Our house is like a hundred years old, and it’s starting to show its age. One of the crazy things that we’ve had to deal with over the past few years are the pipes, which have been rusting and leaking like crazy. Seriously, we’ve pretty much replaced every single pipe in our house. Old houses are charming, but they are a pain in the neck sometimes.

Since the boy had the day off from school and coincidentally it was his birthday, I thought I’d take the day off and spend the day with him. But I ended up working the entire morning, starting at 6:00 AM. I cancelled most of my “day off,” which included a scheduled morning workout with Chris G (sorry Chris G), in order to take care of a bunch of work-related stuff.

I planned a playdate with the boy’s best friend in the afternoon, so I was scrambling to get all of my work done beforehand. The boy could barely contain himself for his afternoon playdate and he was getting kind of wiggy, so I asked him if he would sit in a box for an hour or so while I finished my work.

Amazingly, he complied with my request.

Five years ago today, at 8:15 AM, the boy came into the world. Busy daddy and I couldn’t be happier or more proud that the boy is our son. Happy birthday, B!

 projectmeek said: Lol he and you will be fine. K is way harder then when we were kids. Just keep checking his backpack. I know you want him to crush folks but can that wait till 3rd? 🙂

Hi projectmeek! Ignore my previous post. I was just feeling sorry for myself and being a jerk. But you’re right: crushing can wait until at least the third grade!

I need to pay closer attention to what’s happening in school for the boy. More and more each day, I realize how much I am like my own parents when it comes to education. Even though I am (and they were) sort of hands off, I still want the boy to do well and I have this (perhaps) short-sighted notion that he will succeed by learning through example and osmosis. Still, I know that new-fangled parents need to be more involved with our kids—much more so than my parents ever were—and I’m trying to be more engaged, even though it’s hard because a busy work schedule gets in the way of being an optimally good dad.

Since school started, the boy has been saying, “It’s OK, as long as I try my best and I’m having fun,” a phrase I’m sure he hears his teacher say every day. I like this idea in principle, but a part of me cringes every time I hear my son say this. Mostly, I assume that he’s already trying to do his best and saying it out loud feels like an admission of mediocrity. I don’t want him to just try, I want him to crush whatever task is in front of him. Of course, I’d never tell him this, but I’m worried because since starting kindergarten my very ambitious, very competitive kid seems to be settling for good enough. This seems like a very American POV on education, where everyone is great and everyone gets a prize.

I guess I’ve been instilled with a much more cut-throat, Chinkie perspective on school competition. Ironic, since I’m totally not competitive at all. But even being somewhat lazy, I still have that killer instinct when it comes to education, and I know I could crush the competition if I chose to do so. I just choose to play the fool because I’ve found it’s a lot easier to get along with other people if they believe they are smarter than I am. I’m happy to feed into their delusions.

But for the boy, I don’t want him to succumb to dumbing down to fit in. It’s a Catch-22: If he’s a know-it-all at school, kids won’t like him. If he dumbs himself down to fit in, teachers won’t think he’s smart. Not sure how to handle this.

There was a homework assignment in the boy’s bag that requires him to bring something and wear something that has a pattern to school on Monday. The homework sheet provided some examples, pictured above. My first thought: why would I dress my kid to look like Charlie Brown? And what kind of decorator-slash-stylist would furnish a home with pillow cases that look like the monstrosity above? Or the tie pictured above?

And then I realized that I should just STFU because no one likes a smart-ass.

No school today for the boy and the weather is rainy and bad. Hopefully the nanny has something fun planned, otherwise they’ll be stuck indoors all day. Gonna miss my train if I don’t get my act together…

The boy’s school is closed today and tomorrow in observance of Rosh Hashanah, so I didn’t have to pack a lunch for him this morning. Even so, I dilly-dallied the morning away, rather than efficiently go through my usual morning routine. I guess I could have gone to the gym for a quik-e workout, but whatevs.

I debated whether or not to make lunch for the boy anyway, you know, just to stay in the game, but then I pooped out and decided to have a leisurely morning. Therefore, rather than show you a pic of the boy’s lunch, I present to you a snap of my breakfast. Mango Chobani: the breakfast of choice for lazy dads everywhere.

BTW, even though my morning started out crappy yesterday, it actually turned out to be a pretty good day after all.

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