Seriously, all I did today was eat. We had broccoli and stuffed cabbage from Piast for dinner (which was actually really good, despite looking like turds in the pic above). Also, they cut off all municipal water in our town because there was a breach in the supply. Thus, paper plates. And thank goodness I did all that laundry beforehand. Also, we had dinner while flipping between watching Cupcake Wars and Showgirls*, which is easily the Best Movie Ever Made. Ever. I mean, Zack Carey could have brought in anyone to replace Cristal Connors in Goddess: Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul. But they brought in Nomi Malone, for Christ’s sake! Nomi is happening, Nomi is now!

* No, the boy was too busy playing to watch Showgirls with busy daddy and me, although I suspect the boy would be fascinated by the crazy dance scenes. Plus, it was on broadcast TV, so it was the “clean” version. Why do the gays love Showgirls so much? Who knows.

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