I’ve had a terrible headache all day. Turns out that the low pressure system will give you a headache. At least I’m not going crazy or having a Jack Torrance moment locked up in the house. I made Pad Thai noodles for lunch, which was bland, but oddly comforting.

You know how I always say that I’m totally looking forward to the day when I get to be a full-time stay-at-home dad? Here’s what I learned about myself today:

  1. Staying at home with the boy is great fun, but it would be nice if we could go out, like, to the park or the gym or something because there’s only so much Wii or LEGO we can play without getting kind of bored with it all.
  2. For some reason, doing nothing around the house is making me hungry all of the time. After lunch I had some ice cream. Then I had some hot dogs. Then I had two (gluten-free) cupcakes. And I’m still sort of hungry.
  3. I’ve started to do loads of laundry with items that are technically “clean” but maybe could be cleaner. I think I would do laundry all day, if I could. Maybe it’s a Chinkie thing.
  4. There’s only so much housecleaning a person can do before diminishing returns settle in. That, or everything looks like it could be cleaner or more organized, and then I’m rearranging the filing system in my home office.
  5. My son is actually very patient for a nearly five year old. I think if I was him, I’d be going batty with how boring the day has been.

The power has been cutting off and then popping back on all day long. It’s super annoying. The non-disaster of Hurricane Irene is making the news repeat the same segments over and over again. It’s hard to tell if there’s anything really wrong or if they’re just showing the most sensational things for the sake of drama. An interview with someone on the street saying, “Yeah, it wasn’t that bad,” wouldn’t make for very compelling TV, I suppose.

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