I wish I knew an English word to describe the morning. In Chinese, there’s a word that means bored/restless/frustrated/blah. That pretty much describes my morning so far.

I got up early to watch the storm, but I’ll tell you what, watching rain fall is about as interesting as, well, watching rain fall. I puttered around the house, then cleaned my office a bit before the boy and busy daddy woke up.

The boy and I spent part of the morning playing with my puppet collection. My mom tells a story about how when I was little, I always had a puppet attached to my hand. Over the years, I’ve continued to collect puppets. Wherever my friends and family would travel, they always bring back puppets from their travels for me. Above top, a pic with me (far let, puppet in hand), my older sisters and our cousin Peter. The bottom pics are some of the Taiwanese puppets from my collection. The boy was pretty psyched that he actually got to play when the puppets, a rare occurrence because, you know, toy collections are for looking at not for playing with, silly.

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