The kindergarten meetup sort of messed up our morning, so busy daddy and I had late-ish sessions at the gym with our trainers, aka Real Chris and Fake Chris, which resulted in a really late lunch for everyone. Since I’ve gone on my gluten-free diet (but not in that crazy, militaristic way), it’s sometimes hard to find something for a quick bite. I guess we would have gotten pizza or a sandwich in the past, which busy daddy considered, but he was nice enough to leave the choice to me.

After some debate about what we should have for our late lunch, we decided to go to the Polish butcher near our house and pick up some delicious eats there. When we lived in the East Village, there was a great Polish place on Second Avenue, but it’s been hard to find good Polish food out in the ‘burbs. A while back we discovered this terrific little Polish deli that has handmade kielbasa and other meats, plus really good prepared dishes like stuffed cabbage. We got some chicken dumplings with potatoes, beet salad and fresh sauerkraut for lunch. It’s the kind of Polish comfort food that grandma used to make.

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