I mentioned a while back that after a bazillion years together, I finally adopted a hyphenate of busy daddy’s last name and my last name, like the boy has. I’ll tell you what, I feel for women when they get married and decide to take their husbands’ last names. There’s a crazy amount of paperwork to fill out. Today I received my social security card with my new last name.

Two things: first, when I was filing for a new social security card, it turns out that the Social Security Administration didn’t have me listed as a U.S. citizen. Crazy, right? Apparently, because I wasn’t born in the U.S. and acquired citizenship through my parents (who are U.S. citizens), I wasn’t automatically registered as a U.S. citizen. I guess my dad forgot to check a box when I was kid. Second, I don’t know about women (or guys, I suppose) who change their last names to their husband’s last name, but I always forget to say my new legal name. I still tell people my name is what it’s always been. I wonder how long it takes to make it a matter of habit?

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