Even though I’m somewhat skeptical about the impact of Hurricane Irene on our town, I know that Mother Nature is nothing to mess with. Hurricanes are weird because the rain comes in fits and starts. One minute it’s clear and the next minute rain is coming down in buckets.

The ground is pretty soaked where we live and there have been a few downed trees over the past few months. Our neighbors across the street have had quite a few branches come down, some of them pretty big. They put a big pile of broken limbs by the curb, and I’m looking at them thinking, if the wind picks up tonight like it’s supposed to, I think these things are going to fly through people’s windows. I didn’t want to be unneighborly and ask them to get rid of the limbs from the street, so I’m posting the evidence here, in case there’s a problem and I need to show the insurance company where the projectiles came from.

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