I completely forgot to mention that the door to the downstairs bathroom has been locked for the past week. The nanny accidentally locked the door and we couldn’t find the key. I finally called a locksmith this afternoon to break the lock. Over the phone the locksmith guy told me the minimum charge for the service call (i.e., just to show up) would be $35, and then whatever the additional cost to solve the problem would be given to me before any work was done.

When the locksmith arrived, he looked at the lock. I asked, How much? He wrote on a piece of paper: $230. Are you shitting me? At that point, what am I going to do? So I told the guy to break the lock. Five minutes later, I handed over the cash. It was pretty much all of the cash we had in the house. It felt like extortion, but short of breaking down the door, I didn’t have another option. Locksmithing is a retarded lucrative scheme. I mean, the hourly rate turned out to be close to three grand. Is that even legal? Good for him, I guess?

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