I went through a period in my life when I didn’t really care for Chinky food. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like it, because let’s face it, what’s not to like? I think it was simply a reflection of feeling ashamed about being associated with food that seemed weird or smelly to the sensitive palates of (some) white folks. I guess I didn’t want to be seen as the Chinky guy who liked to eat that weird, smelly Chinky food. Plus, there was a dark period in my life whenever I was at a Chinky restaurant, someone would invariably ask me how long the wait was and I got tired of explaining that I didn’t work there.

Nowadays, I don’t care what the Whitey McWhitersons think about who I am or what I eat. When it comes to weird, smelly food, I say the weirder and smellier it is, the better. Plus, now when I’m asked how long the wait is at a Chinky restaurant, I tell people the wait is three and a half hours, take down their names, and then snag their tables.

As Chinky world cuisines go, the Busy-Lazy family tends to avoid Chinese food, mostly because Chinese food in the Northeast sucks balls. But there are myriad other great choices out here that we love, Korean and Vietnamese being our all-time favorites. We recently rediscovered Thai cuisine, which we hadn’t really been eating for unexplained reasons. Since we’ve been on our gluten-free kick, we’ve found that Thai food offers a panoply of delicious dishes that don’t include wheat products.

After two failed attempts, we were finally able to have a meal at Origin, a terrific French Thai restaurant that’s a few towns West from our house. I had lunch there with the boy a few weeks ago, and we really liked the place, so I wanted busy daddy to try it out.

Our dinner tonight didn’t disappoint. The boy had chicken satay and tom ka gai soup, while busy daddy had the spicy beef salad and pad see ew noodles. I had lemongrass and basil-infused mussels (the best thing on the menu) and wild boar with baby bok choy and vegetables. All delicious, plus a little bit weird and a little bit smelly. And despite the fact that the restaurant was packed (with white folks, I might add), no one asked me how long the wait for a table would be.

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