Busy daddy and I had our weekly workout sessions with our trainers this morning because we’re not only kind of fat but we’re also kind of gay (but in the nicest possible sense, in both cases).

Funny story: both busy daddy and I have personal trainers named Chris. Actually, maybe that’s not such a funny story (unless you’re the boy, who thought it was freakin’ hilarious that two people who look nothing alike could have the same name. According to the boy, busy daddy’s trainer Chris is known as “fake Chris” and my trainer Chris is known as “just Chris.”)

After our workouts, busy daddy went to yoga and I went for a swim with the boy. I’ll tell you what, the Summer swim lessons are really paying off. The boy started off the Summer barely able to put his face in the water. Now he’s diving in, kicking and stroking like he can swim. Which I guess means he can swim.

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