On the commute home, a woman who rightly couldn’t fit in the seat next to me decided that I actually wasn’t there and so she sat on most of my right leg through the entire train ride. She kept shifting around, trying to get comfortable. I wanted to tell her, I’m sorry, but just because I’m short doesn’t mean I’m half the width of a normal person.

Remember when it was really popular in the 90s (or was it the 80s?) when girls liked to wear tiny backpacks that could fit only a Chapstick and some change? When that girl grew up, she still had the tiny backpack and today she decided to sit next to me on the train.

I tried to distract myself from the awkward seating arrangement by taking photos of the passing cityscape. The sky was crazy blue in the city today, with big fluffy clouds. A beautiful day in New York. Too bad I spent most of the work day in meetings and ended my day trapped seated next to an ornery woman and her tiny backpack, seeing the loveliness of the day from the confines of a crowded commuter train.

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