It’s unusual for me to be in the city at night, especially since it’s way past my bedtime. But I was happy to stay out late to help celebrate my dear friend communications mama’s birthday at Tillman’s in the Flatiron, which is ironically just a few blocks away from my office. Communications mama and I joked that we were already asleep, even though we were actually hanging out at a swank New York lounge, an anomalous event these days for us parents. Developer dad, communications mama’s hubby, wouldn’t pose properly for photos because he tends to do this weird thing where he closes his eyes as soon as a camera is pointed at him, but I was able to snap at least a few good pics.

I had to leave just as the party got hopping. Everyone was there: Marla, Rip Taylor, Paul Lynde, everyone (busy daddy, who couldn’t make it, will think this Girls Will Be Girls reference is funny). Even the lovely BrooklynSweetWater, another dear friend, showed up to toast communications mama on her b-day. I don’t think we’ll be seeing very much of BSW out at night once her baby arrives. Excited to welcome her to the parenting club, hopefully soon.

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