I think some parents anxiously await the time when their babies outgrow the infant stage because they think it’s more fun when their kids can walk, talk and play (which, of course, is great fun). But the time when your baby is small and helpless and needy lasts only for a hot second and then it’s gone forever.

It’s hard to believe that my wee little baby boy has already grown up so fast. Soon he’ll be in elementary school, then in the blink of an eye he’ll be in high school and college, and then he’ll be working for a multinational NGO in Brazil where he’ll fall in love with his beautiful and brilliant ethnically vague wife, they’ll have kids of their own, and before you know it, busy daddy and I will be grandpas dancing with our granddaughter at her quinceanera.

Time moves way too fast. Enjoy the small stuff, even when it’s sometimes a little rough.

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