Busy daddy and I decided to forgo the gym and go out for a grown up lunch. After taking care of some business at home, we headed out West to get some grub. There’s a French Thai restaurant that I’ve been trying to take busy daddy to, but it’s always closed when we get there. Sure enough, it was closed for lunch today.

Luckily, there’s a cute Persian grill that we’ve been meaning to try in the same area, so we had lunch there instead. Remember how I said it was pretty easy to avoid gluten products? That’s been mostly true, but then we were confronted with the hand-made pita bread at Narenj. When we asked the waiter if we could have fresh veggies instead of pita bread with the hummus, he looked at us like, Are you crazy? This pita is hand-made by my maamaan-bozorg in a clay oven in the back! Are you going to offend her by eating this hummus with carrots? I spit on your bourgeois, infidel palates!

Actually, he didn’t say that. He happily gave us fresh veggies instead of the pita bread. The food was delicious and halfway through I wondered why we were so relaxed during our lunch. Oh yeah, it was because there wasn’t a four-and-a-half-year-old kid screaming and squirming at our table. It was nice to have a grown up meal for once. But I still can’t wait for the boy to get home…

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