Rather than rushing back through heavy weekender traffic, we decided to take a leisurely scenic drive home from our Poconos Weekend last night. We were really less than two hours away from our house, but adding the hour or so we spent at the outlet mall in Tannersville and a late-dinner detour at our favorite Korean restaurant in Parsipanny, it took us a little more than four hours to make it home.

It’s been a while since we’ve eaten at the Korean joint and it was nice to have some Chinky comfort food. We usually eat there for lunch and the place is almost always empty, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that there was something of a dinner crowd at night. The woman who owns the place was surprised to see us so late and she commented on how tan the boy has gotten over the Summer. He was happy to see her, too, but even happier to have the delicious udon noodles with fish cakes. Busy daddy had the very spicy kim chi tofu stew and I had the very spicy miso tofu stew. Yum!

DISCLAIMER: Upon reflection, I realize that the pot of tofu stew above looks really unappetizing to the undiscerning Western eye and stomach, kind of like a bowl of seasoned vomit (sorry). If you can get past the funky look, it’s really tasty, especially if you like tofu or spicy food, trust me. I guess this disclaimer is for Lazy Dad readers who are foreign-food-adversed (that’s OK). For the Chinkies in the house, say hey, it looks delicious, so whatevs.

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