Monthly Archives: July 2011

Went for a run-jog-walk with attorney mommy this morning, while the daddies and the boys went for a hike in the woods. Looks like it’s going to be a nice day in the Poconos. Here’s the thing: running on nearly empty roads is great and the scenery is beautiful. But two things: 1) I’ve never understood the appeal of running. It’s boring and tedious, especially if you’re built like Charlie Brown, as I am, and 2) did I mention that running is boring and tedious? Thanks to attorney mommy for humoring me.

Some of the best things about going away for the weekend is spending time with friends you don’t see that often and playing with toys you don’t have at home.

Dotcom-publishing daddy manned the grill and whipped up some terrific eats, including grilled BBQ ribs, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and mixed veggies. Attorney mommy made a really good guacamole, which she said was from a seasoning mix, but you’d never know it. After dinner, the boys played some more, there was ice cream and cupcakes for dessert, then the boys went to bed, while the grown ups had some wine and chatted in the hot tub. As much as I loved Hot Tub Time Machine, it’s already way past my bedtime, so it’s lights out for me.

The hosts for our quik-e Poconos Weekend are dotcom-publishing daddy (busy daddy’s friend and former work colleague), attorney mommy and their son Brady S., who is the same age as the boy. While we were at the lake, attorney mommy and I sat on the beach and caught up because it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. The boys played in the water. And busy daddy and dotcom-publishing daddy pretty much talked about work the whole time, like they always do when they are together.

You know those people who never stop working and are constantly thinking about or talking about work? Yeah.

Have you ever been to the Poconos? This is my first time here and I’ll tell you what, it’s lovely. We spent a lazy afternoon lounging at a lake-side beach with friends. It’s hard to believe that we’re only two hours away from New York City.

I’m not a food snob (really, I’m not), but I think I know a good meal when I see and taste it. We were running a bit late going to PA, so we arbitrarily decided to grab a quik-e bite for lunch at Friendly’s in Tannersville. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten at a Friendly’s, and eating there for the first time today confirmed why. The temperature of the food was barely lukewarm and while the portions were generous, there are a few things that I know with certainty in this uncertain world: 1) broccoli, at least good broccoli, should be closer to green than yellow and 2) steak shouldn’t be cooked well-done—ever—despite what anyone tells you. Lazy dad does not recommend Friendly’s for lunch. But the ice cream was OK.

We wanted to get an early start to kickoff our quik-e weekend trip to visit friends at their place in the Poconos. Went to the gym for an early workout, but our plans were delayed thanks to a club-wide fire drill. Could have been worse, I mean, there could have been an actual fire instead of just a drill.

Lazy Friday agenda: Productive (but sort of sloppy) catch-up day at work; dinner at Wild Ginger in town; quik-e stop at Target for some household supplies and yogurt (because apparently Target is one of the few stores in town that sells raspberry-flavor Chobani); a few rounds of Super Mario Bros on the Wii with the boy; laundry; organizing and packing for a quik-e weekend vacation in the Poconos with friends; ice cream and gluten-free cupcakes for dessert; bath time; bed time.

The Busy-Lazy family is nothing if not creatures of habit. After having a terrific dinner at the new local Thai restaurant last night, we decided to give it another try (mostly because I’ve been too lazy to cook). Again, the restaurant didn’t disappoint. Good stuff.